UzunAl Tau


Who We Are

We remember our honorary president and valued founder Orhan Uzunal with great respect and a deeğ longing, and continue to build the future in line with the principles that he defined.

Uzunaltau kurumsal

Rising Values of Life

Uzunal Tau Yapı follows both the progress of Turkey in the construction field and the developments in the world closely, and updates its projects accordingly. Within this framework, the company produced and will continue to produce lasting pieces in line with the spirit and fabric of Istanbul. And it took its place among the prestigious names in the sector with its nature that sees achieving high standards as a duty rather than a goal and its architectural structure and project mentality that proves itself with every reference. Uzunal Tau Yapı has always been aware of the importance of expertise and knowledge in contracting works of residential and commercial projects. Uzunal Tau Yapı, which works on all types of architectural projects extending from ground condition assessment to regional impact survey, landscaping to interior design and project design to implementation, establishes strong relations with the organizations and individuals it works together on these fields. As one of the most prestigious and respected construction companies in Turkey with its mentality that perceives living spaces as "the rising values of life" and its awareness that people can be much more productive and happy in comfortable and peaceful environments, Uzunal Tau Yapı is very proud and happy to share its ongoing and completed projects with you.

UzunAl Tau Kurumsal

We feel lucky to know Tuncay Uzunal, Ahmet Uzunal, and especially the late Orhan Uzunal, the honorary president of Uzunal TAU Yapı.